Yo WhatsApp Apk Download v21.00 Latest Version 2022 Android

Yo WhatsApp Download Apk Latest Version 2022 is the same as WhatsApp messenger but it’s had additional features like we can able to Personalize our messages,

and we can able to change the background of the chat of every contact, and can able to change the font size and design based on our requirements,

it allows you to use various emojis, we can able to send 700 images in one shot, and we can able to hide the names of your contact, and many more

yo whatsapp

In this Information, we are giving detailed information about the YoWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2022. and we are guiding you on how we can get it and what it is and many more

Before going to the downloading part let’s make you Understand What is Yo-Yo WhatsApp

What Is YoWhatsapp?

As we know the official WhatsApp is a free cross-platform for messaging and other communication purposes it was established in Jan 2019, about 13 years back.

Later it built many features into it like sharing images, calls, text, and videos, even we can able to make it group, broadcast, and many more,

the YO WhatsApp is like same the official WhatsApp but it’s having numerous advantages compared to official WhatsApp both in customization and Privacy features later discussed on it.

As we know about WhatsApp, it’s an application that’s having numerous features and it’s having more than 5Billion plus users worldwide.

But WhatsApp is quite boring because of its restriction policy. If we can get the same as WhatsApp and the other additional features from YoWhatsApp Download.

Yo WhatsApp helps us in so many ways for example calling, sending messages, video calling, and many features same like WhatsApp and additional feature

Yo WhatsApp Apk download and installation procedure is quite changed from the normal WhatsApp. Because it’s not registered in the google play store you can get it from our provided link.

Download Now

Through our link, you can able to get the latest version of Yo WhatsApp Apk and enjoy more features.

How Can I Get The YoWhatsapp Apk?

The latest version of the YoWhatsApp 2021 link is provided below just you have to do is click on the link it will go to the downloading page where you find the latest version of the app click on it and you will get the Yo WhatsApp 2022

In case you’re downloading it from pc 1st you download the app file and move it to your mobile device using the USB or the Wi-Fi

Why Yo Whatsapp?

Now one of the big questions that everyone’s mind though is why Yo WhatsApp was downloaded in 2022. The developer of the YO WA made the app in such a way that it’s having an additional feature compared to the original WhatsApp.

The developer has come up with various alternations of WhatsApp, and many more comparing all these modified apps Yo WhatsApp Update stands first because of multiple reasons.

Before WhatsApp people are using everyday messenger to share their thoughts through their mobile phones when WhatsApp came into the market every user used WhatsApp for calls, messages, video calls, sharing images and videos,

but WhatsApp has some issues like we cannot send more than 25 images and we can customize the fonts or the background and many more.

Let’s understand the what is the feature that Yo WhatsApp Latest Version, for a clear understanding of the features of Yowhatsapp Apk Download we are dividing them into two main categories, i.e.

Latest Features Of Yo WhatsApp


If you are using WhatsApp messenger, you can find that plan theme and the lack of customizing option. But the yow hats app has more than 10 customized an option that increases the appearance of your application let’s go what are those one by one?

Themes Store

Download Yo WhatsApp provides you with more than four thousand themes. We can those themes by just downloading and installing the new version of the YOWA. And all 4000 themes are freely available.

Customize the home screen and the conversation screen

By installing the YoWhatsApp Update, we can customize both the home screen and the conversation screen. We can able to customize the various thing like color, text, background,

and many others, and other additional features that we can easily download the other status without using external apps like status downloader and others

Change Launcher Icons

Without any third-party icon app, we can able to change the launcher icons based on our interests. But in the official WhatsApp, we could not able to change the launcher icons.


Yo WhatsApp 8.16 Download is user-friendly it allows many languages like English, Hindi, Spanish, German, Italian, And many more. Through this, we can easily operate WhatsApp in our Language.

Closing of the Conversation Screen

Just swiping the left in the conversation screen we can able to close the conversation screen with no need to press the back button or the home screen

Conversation Cards

If your device is android 5.0 and higher then you can able use these features called conversation cards. While chatting with your friends if you press the recent message button, then all the chats become cards.

Enable or disable the message counter from the launcher or home screen

Sometimes many notifications are top on the screen through this feature we can able to enable or disable the message counter from the launcher or the home screen.

Disable audio playing notification in the status bar

In official WhatsApp, if anyone sends the audio file if you open it up even if you come back to the home screen it’s still playing it. These can be avoided using the Yo WhatsApp download 2021-22

Contact online user

One of the unique features that are built into the yow hats app is you can easily get notifications of how many people are in the online mood without going to the chat box.

Modification of the text size of the home screen

The latest version of the YoWhatsApp Latest Version helps to change the text size of the home screen based on our requirements. But in official WhatsApp, we can’t able to do this.

Set your name on the app home screen

We can able to customize the home screen in a such way that we can able to put any names on the home screen.

Hide the chat divider

We can able to hide the chats using the Yo WhatsApp Download Latest Version Apkpure “get rid of those chat divider “which helps to make these features on the device.

Set custom wallpaper per contact

Are boring with old wallpaper for the chat box background. don’t worry the Yowhatsapp 8.05 download provides the feature in such a way that we can able to set the different custom wallpaper per contact.

Hide the date and time Option

While coping with the massage we found that unnecessary details also came along with like date and time etc. Yo WhatsApp App Download avoids these types of unnecessary details.

Hiding the contact profile picture

We can able to hide the contact profile picture of your contact by enabling the feature in Yo WhatsApp 9.1 Download.

Hide the contact’s name and the call button

Same time by unknowingly touching the call button on WhatsApp and it makes an unnecessary call to your friends you can avoid enabling the feature in the Yo WhatsApp Heymods

Sending the large-size video

In official WhatsApp, we can send large video files of more than 100 MB. But Yo WhatsApp Download 2022 can send up to 700MB of video and another file without reducing the original quality of the file. You can easily share a movie using the Yowhatsapp Apk Download the latest version.

Sending the full-resolution images

In official WhatsApp, if you send the images to your friend the resolution of the original image is fully reduced and the quality of the image is not up to our expectations.

For sending the original resolution we have to make the document of the image and send it but in the Yo WhatsApp New Version, it sends the images without reducing the resolution of the images.

Send more than 10 images at one time

We can able to send more than 10 images simultaneously using the Yo WhatsApp 6.72 Apk Download.

Built-In the locker

The YoWhatsApp 7.0 Download is in-built having the feature of locking the YO WA. you can use the pin, pattern lock, or fingerprint locker on the home screen to keep your message safe from others.

Now we saw the top 20 customization feature that is built into the Yo WhatsApp Download Apk lets go of the Privacy features

Privacy feature of the Yo WhatsApp

Most people scare to use the alternative WhatsApp because of privacy. They believe that only the official WhatsApp is having the all-privacy option.

But it’s not true because the developer is developing the alternative apps in a such way that they can give maximum privacy to the users. And even the official whats are not secure enough if you compare with the Yowhatsapp Update New Version.

Who can call me

Nowadays spam calls are even coming in the social media apps like WhatsApp Facebook messenger and others the Yowhatsapp App Download has a feature that we can able to customize our incoming WhatsApp call by blocking unknown numbers permanently.

when the block contacts call you that call is automatically dropped.

Freeze the last seen

For many reasons, we could not able to reply to our friends. the freeze the last screen, this feature hides the last seen on the other end of the users. If you reply only they came to know that you see the message.

Show blue Ticks after the Reply

Nowadays people need more privacy sometimes we could not reply to our friends because of so many reasons. This feature makes the message unblued tick until you reply to your friends. Or we can say that the message is unseen up to replay back to  your friends

Anti-delete status

This feature helps you to see the deleted stories of your friends. If your friend posted some stories and he may be deleted for some reason if you enable the anti-deleted status feature the status will remain the same until you delete this.

Hide the view status

We can able to hide the view status of your friends or other forms enabling this feature. This feature hides your name from the status view list of your friend’s status view list if your friend was not able to know whether you watched the status or not.

The Requirement to install the Yo WhatsApp Apk

  1. You should have an android phone (minimum of android 5)
  2. You should not have the official WhatsApp on your mobile phone if you have one uninstall that and install the Yo WhatsApp Download 2018
  3. For using the YO WA, we need the internet connection it may be 2G,3G,4G,5G, or a wi-fi connection
  4. You must have a basic idea of using the android mobile phone and you should know how to use the WhatsApp
  5. Finally, you should download the Yowhatsapp Download 2020 Uptodown on your android devices.

Download Yo WhatsApp Latest Version

App Name Yo WhatsApp
Supported with Android version 4.1 or Above
Version v21.00
App size 58 Mbps
Update Today
Monthly searches 1 Million Above

Download YO WhatsApp

Download v21.20.0
Download v21.00
Download Apk

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp

How to install YO WhatsApp New Version

The installation process of Yo WhatsApp Web includes the following steps.

  • Open your computer or android device
  • Make sure that you turn on the internet connection
  • Go to any search engine
  • In the search bar search the Yowhatsapp Online setup.
  • You will see the third-party sites and make sure you choose the best one.
  • Download the App
  • Before downloading the Yo WhatsApp Download 2019 Uptodown uninstall the original WhatsApp
  • If you’re downloading the set-up file on the pc transfer the set-up file to your mobile device
  • Then the file location and install the Yo WhatsApp Old Version
  • After installing it you can ably recover your old data
  • Now you can use the Yo WhatsApp App on your mobile device]

Why Is Your Yo Whatsapp Apk Not Downloading?

Many people phase the problem while Downloading YO WhatsApp it may be following reasons like

  • Permission denied
  • Lack of space
  • Excess cache
  • Outdated version
  • Internet issue

The Installation Process of Yo WhatsApp for ISO users.

  • Lunch any search engine in the IOS device like Google, Safari, or any search engine.
  • In the search engine, search bar type YO WhatsApp Apk
  • Select the high-rated website based on the user
  • After opening the website, you easily find the downloading link of the latest version of the Yo WhatsApp Download
  • Click on the link and in file explorer you find the downloaded Apk.
  • And tap the Apk and allow for the permissions and you will get the latest version of the Yo WhatsApp Apk on your IOS devices also


1. What is YO WhatsApp?

  • Yo WhatsApp is the same as the official WhatsApp but it has a unique feature compared to that. All the Features are explained above.

2. How do I update Yo WhatsApp?

  • As we know Yowhatsapp Download Apk is not available in the play store and it is available on a third-party website.
  • For updating the y0 WhatsApp keep visiting the third-party website if you find an update let’s do it.

3. Can we use YO WhatsApp And Normal WhatsApp with the same mobile number?

  • Yes, we can use the same number as normal WhatsApp and Yo WhatsApp Download but the problem is we can able to access either a Yo WhatsApp Official or the official WhatsApp.

 4. Can I hide the online status in the YO WhatsApp?

  • Yes, the latest update of Yo Yo WhatsApp has a feature that we can able to hide our online status.

5. Is YO WhatsApp Safe to Install and Use?

  • yes, it is 100% safe to install and use but we need to download the Yo WhatsApp 2022 from our provided link. If you downloaded it from the other third-party website, please be aware of that website


Let’s download the Yo WhatsApp Download Apk Latest Version and make utilizing its unique feature of it. As we know the current social media is developing worldwide. Before people are used to the post office or the telegram to communicate with each other.

After the mobile comes into the market people are used to using mobile phones to communicate later slowly other platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger got developed.

From the above information, we can able to understand what your is You WhatsApp Apk and how it is different from the original WhatsApp and its unique feature, and how we can get and install it.

Nowadays everyone uses WhatsApp for both personal and business purposes. Through WhatsApp, we can able to do calls, video calls, group calls and video classes, and many more.

However, it has some disadvantages. The developer finds the disadvantages in the official WhatsApp and finds the new app called yo-yo WhatsApp download

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